imprintedWelcome to my first solo online course, devoted to gelatin monoprinting

This class is now available as a self study, with all 5 weeks of videos available to view as soon as you buy!  


In this 5 week course you will be learning how to:

  • experiment with different printing methods in an altered journal
  • using this to try out ideas that can be developed into finished pieces
  • Printing with plants
  • designing your own stamps, printing plates and stencils
  • making a variety of prints with an illustrative focus, from simple 3 layered prints to more complex pieces
  • learning how to add other media to your prints to create interest and focus
  • using your gelatin monoprinted papers in collage
Over 30 plus videos for the price of £70!

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Here is a summary of what is offered on the course:

Week 1: we will be starting off by experimenting! we shall alter an old book into a journal using gelli prints. I will discuss the differences between open acrylics and normal acrylics. we shall try out different texture tools and make simple shape stencils to create layers and interest, then explore drawing and painting into the pages to develop and try out ideas for future projects. We shall also have a mini lesson on using plants for printing.


Week 2: we will look at creating mini 6×6 inch prints (although you can use whatever size plate you have) in 3 or 4 layers, cutting our own stencils and masks and thinking about design and composition. We will also be working into our prints to create detail and focus. These prints will be perfect for framing as finished pieces!

the guardian small

Week 3:  we will delve deeper into creating larger prints with more layers. There will be 3 finished pieces in this project that all use similar methods and are worked in tandem to each other. This enables you to create a “series” of prints along a similar theme. We will look at using plants in these prints too, and incorporating other media in the finished print to enhance it.


Week 4: in this lesson we shall discover other ways of making marks on our prints, from hand cut plates to foam stamps. We will think about composition and again, making a series of prints with similar themes and images. Again, we will work on several prints at once.


Week 5: in our final project we will make patterned papers and use them to make an illustrative collage. This cute little collage could be made from scratch, or you could use up some of your left over prints in a fun way!


I am a beginner can I take this class? I have been monoprinting for a while now….is this class suitable for me?

Yes! I think this class would be suitable for both beginners and more experienced monoprinters wishing to learn how to use their prints to make finished images. I am planning on making a programme for classes for complete beginners in the future, but I do explain things in simple terms in this class too!

When does the class start?

The class will start on June 12th. I will upload the lessons weekly and it will run for 5 weeks.

When will I receive my password for the course? How do I access the course?

Once you have paid. you will receive your password within approximately 48 hours of payment received.  Please bear in mind I shall be doing this manually so it may take a wee bit of time. If you are having trouble accessing the class or haven’t received your password within that time please email me at

The password will let you into the password protected classroom from which you can access all the course info, supply list and videos. The first video will not go live until the week of the 12th June but I will pop up other information prior to that including supplies needed

Do I have to complete all the projects in the 5 weeks?

No! you can do the lessons in your own time. You will have lifetime access to the course and can download the videos too. Once the class has finished it will continue to be for sale as a self study class.

Will I get feedback on my work?

Yes! I love to see what students create and I will open up a secret facebook group exclusively for course participants in which you can upload your work and get feedback from me. Bear in mind I live in the UK so may not see posts immediately if you live in a different time zone. This group will not be visible to the public so you can feel secure in posting your work in a safe and friendly environment

How many videos are there?

There will be over 30 videos of varying lengths. Some will be fully in real time, some will be partially speeded up with voiceover in order to cram as much information in as I can.

Will I be making the projects pictured in this page?

Most of them yes! A couple of the images in the promotional collage at the top were taken before I shot the videos so are images similar to what we will be creating although our final projects will differ slightly. The images next to the weekly descriptions are all images from the classes filmed. Plus we will be making more than is shown here!

Can I sell my art that I produce in the class?

Yes absolutely! I love when students are able to sell their work! I only request that when sharing your class work or selling it that you acknowledge the lesson came from my course, or give me credit. This of course only applies if it is an exact copy of the course work. I encourage students to learn the techniques but take them in your own direction. I would prefer if you didn’t sell multiples of class derived work (i.e. prints, cards, images printed on cushions etc)

Can I gift the course to someone else?

Yes of course! If you are doing that please let me know in a message to the seller part in your paypal transaction, with the email of the friend you are gifting it to. Likewise, if your paypal email is different from the email you will be using for the class please let me know so you receive all course information correctly

Can I share the videos with other people?

No, sorry, the class is only for those who have purchased it. The classes within the course remain my property and should not be shared with others, or taught by you to others. I hope you appreciate that I have put a lot of time and effort into the class and cannot allow it to be shared.


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Supplies you will need for this class: (more in depth supply list with links will be provided in the classroom)

  • a gelli plate (of course!) any size, although 8×10 inch is probably the best – this can be home made or a commercially bought one)
  • brayer
  • acrylic paints, golden open acrylics is recommended but not necessary, you can add retarder to regular acrylics too. You can also use printing inks – I use caligo safe wash
  • A selection of texture tools, any sort (start raiding your cupboards! bubble wrap, textured wallpaper, stamps, the possibilities are endless! (I will discuss this further in class)
  • plastic folder dividers to make stencils
  • a selection of store bought stencils any kind
  • paper (any kind will do)
  • an old journal or thrift shop book
  • gesso
  • paint pens, gel pens, coloured pencils
  • paint brushes – selection of sizes
  • a sponge
  • scissors or craft knife
  • mount board
  • craft foam
  • plants or leaves
  • an artist board or canvas
  • gel medium or glue
  • tissue paper
Testimonials for imprinted: 

I am so honored to receive such lovely reviews of my course from past and current students:

Lucy has opened my eyes to a whole new and exciting way of using a gelli plate. It’s been a creative and absorbing ride which has got my creativity going in a new direction.I would love to take an in person class and would happily do another class with this talented teacher. Fiona Scharlau

Lucy is a brilliant artist and her course is very well presented and so inspiring. She is full of creative ideas for using a gelli plate and I have learnt so much, like how to cut out my own stencils, how to print with plants and how to build up layers in a picture. She has given me hours of pleasure and I’m still only on Week 3 techniques! I don’t want the course to end!   Jean Bailey

I am about to run through the class again because I learn new things each time I watch and try the methods she teaches. Lucy Brydon is such a wonderful teacher, well organized, she shares lots of tips and techniques and also how to make finished pieces. I have taken many printing classes but this is the best so far!  Jinx Engstrom

Lucy takes the gelli plate to a new level and generously shares her expertise on this course     Jill Sutherland

Lucy Brydon’s class on monoprinting goes far beyond the use of the gelli-plate. She also teaches how to enhance one’s prints with assorted pens and paints and to use them in collage. Her whimsical art style, her excellent well-organized presentation, her patience in demonstrating techniques on a variety of papers including tissue paper and deli wrap, and her inspirational pieces make this online class an exceptional value. I highly recommend it.Laura Moss Gottlieb

I would highly recommend this course to anyone, Lucy is an exceptional teacher, the step by step video tutorials are easy to follow and full of fantastic creative inspiration, I cant wait to sign up to Lucys next class  Deb Hill

Lucy Brydon is a gifted artist and a brilliant teacher. Her videos are detailed, beautiful, whimsical and clear, and her teaching voice is gentle and encouraging. I especially appreciated that she included “mistakes” and “disappointments” and shows how she turned some of these things around. This set a realistic example and helped to build an expectation that made space for the unexpected results you might get in Gelli printing. I know that this is a course I will return to again and again. Thank you Lucy for opening up a new world for me. I’m so grateful that I jumped in. Terri Churchill

Calling All Artists!

Do not miss the opportunity to have Lucy take you to unimaginable artistic levels with this class. This goes beyond plain mono printing and gets the creative juices flowing to develop pieces with texture, depth and figures, if you so choose. Spread your wings and take mono printing to several new levels. Jane Schneider