I am so excited to announce that I have a brand new Ecourse devoted to all things gelatin monoprinting!

To find out more about this class and sign up details please click HERE

The class starts on the 12th of June and is available for the early bird pricing till June 5th!

9 thoughts on “Imprinted

  1. Such an inspiring list of teachers. I am still new to the art world. Lessons such as these would help me feel more confident with my work


  2. I am already a part of LB 2017 and I’d love to stay for another year! It’s inspirational, full of learning the new facets of yourself, boldness and experiments! I truly love it!


  3. Is the June class … or any online class taken on a live schedule or do you take the classes at your own pace?


    • Hi sandy! This class is now a self paced course but there is still the private Facebook group for students to get tutor interaction from myself and other students. So you can take it at anytime and over however long you need


    • Yes I live in the uk so have priced it in my currency but that would be about the correct conversion depending on the exchange rate when you buy it. I think I’ve corrected the bad link now!


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